I've decided to leave Livejournal. I'm over on Facebook as Helen Schiffer, but I'm not on Dreamwidth.

It seems a shame to leave after all this time, but the time has now come.

Winter is coming...

Threre's a 2 hour Johann Strauss mix running on Youtube, the Christmas cake is in the oven and I've just mixed the flour, yeast and milk for this year's Dresdener Christstollen.

What can possibly go wrong?

Oh and in other news no 1 son (now 14) has just come over and said "Oh what's Livejournal- I've never heard of it?!"

Children these days...

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My husband has discovered the perfect way to make briquettes from old newspapers.

1 Buy a briquette maker
2 Make the children do it...


Last night I survived a sleepover party involving half a dozen extra boys... but in better news today I got the Plaetzchen done.